field notes

The plant inventory form for MNA cat # 1787 (UMMAA cat # 15410)

1935 plant inventory form of watermelon seeds collected from a Navajo family.

After seeing the plant specimens, Museum Anthropology student teams entered information from the anthropologists’ field notes and the Museum records into a database using google drive.  This information was then uploaded into the online catalog, and pictures of the seeds were added.

Students also read notes and correspondence related to the plant collections in the Museum’s archival and accession records.  These notes included letters between Volney Jones and Don Talayesva (Hopi) from the 1930s and interview notes from the 1935 Hopi Crop Survey.  During this Survey, Alfred Whiting, Volney Jones, and Edmund Nequatewa (Hopi) interviewed members from 56 Hopi households and 3 Navajo families about the plants they harvested that year.  They also collected seeds from many of these families and recorded this information about the seeds on standardized plant inventory forms.

Here each team shares their experience reading the field notes.